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LEE & BLOCK strengthened by efforts, has settled down in the center of digital finance.
A safeguard that secures people’s future and free space for business.
Now, explore LEE & BLOCK’s 25 years of technology know-how.

25 Years Of Digital Security


CEO Sungman Lee has been supplying security systems to major national institutions such as Ministry of the Interior and Safety, Ministry of Science and ICT, Ministry of National Defense, and National Intelligence Service and banking facilities such as KB KookminBank and MiraeAsset Daewoo for the past 25 years. Mr. Lee has authored numerous technical white papers and successfully developed digital tokens. He has received offers from Microsoft, Samsung Electronics, and China Merchants Bank on his 2008 technology for preventing cellular hacking.


Our security chip and circuit algorithms are the fruits of 25 years of security technology and are proven with 15 patent registrations and have now culminated into innovative smartphone security. Now, it is time to experience all these technologies combined in a digital finance technology company connecting the UAE and the US, based on our smartphone security technology! Lee & Block is now launching a global cryptocurrency exchange with the UAE based on the growth of the digital industry at the national level.


+15 Patent technology

Registered more than 15 technology patents and certifications. Lee & Block's unique technology creates a win-win relationship with the customer's business.

+25 Years of experience

We have 25 years of experience as an expert company who has provided security technologies for governments, banks, and securities companies.

+20 Years of

In this era of digital finance, security is your strength! We are reliable corporate branding specialists.

+2020 Huge

Starting with the 2020 Dubai Conference, you will able to get on board the Dubai COINARK Exchange and Lee & Block Financial Portal.

The schedule of the above video content may change.

From the future of digital finance

A complete safe zone in the digital world, COINARK will make it happen.
LEE & BLOCK, who has marked a milestone in smartphone security technology, is preparing the world's first truly P2P cryptocurrency exchange with the nation of UAE.
COINARK will be where there is no hacking element that threatens financial services.

Meet the world-class Security

A global cryptocurrency exchange equipped with LEE & BLOCK's unique security solution! Meet COINARK, completely secure, and a true decentralized exchange (DEX).

Cooperation between the UAE and South Korea

Combination of the UAE's capital resources and South Korea's LEE & BLOCK technology Creation of a global cryptocurrency exchange with guaranteed funding and security!

Possibility of Serving 400 million people

Steady growth of the Middle East and Africa markets!
A secure global cryptocurrency exchange responsible for the financial activities of the 400 million economic population.

True DEX

COINARK specialized in DEX,
From design to creation Accumulated 25 years of technology of LEE & BLOCK!

Easy, convenient, and safe

Even crypto beginners as if traders!
To grow assets together, AI helper system and Easy-Genie assist!

15+ patented technologies in one hand

Meet the exclusive smartphone of LEE & BLOCK for financial transactions.
Not only cryptocurrency transactions, but also fintech and internet banking services, Enjoy convenient digital financial services with complete security.


Experience Complete Security

With the LEE & BLOCK's IC card, ALBATROSS offers perfect security, and it protects financial transactions from any threat. Experience ALBATROSS, the ultimate smartphone for financial transactions.

Security transaction mode

Smartphone functions remain the same! Absolute security function activated with the touch of a security button.

Rest easy!

Cryptocurrency transactions between individuals, Transactions within the cryptocurrency exchange, Risk of asset theft 0%

Hacking is blocked and safe transactions begin.

Pharming, hooking, memory hacking, etc. Completely block all existing hacking types.

Superior to the bank

Precious personal assets perfectly store on the private phone.

Secure financial transaction

Various financial transactions, such as banking and card transactions in the safest environment!

With just one button to return to the smartphone

Just like a normal smartphone

Cryptocurrency’s tomorrow here today

Unlike cryptocurrencies that have weak security while holding various events, Sardinas increases the utilization of the blockchain itself through dramatically improved security.

Have a safe tomorrow

Safe and marketable blockchain system & cryptocurrency! The risks of being hacked is completely averted with Lee & Block's technology.


It is a blockchain system created with Lee & Block's technology and is the name ofcryptocurrency at the same time.

Safe DAPP Platform

Overcome security vulnerabilities of the mainnet! A breakthrough security system based onDAPP (Decentralized Application).

Prevent hacking completely.

Strengthen security systems with the decentralized application! Advanced blockade of all hacking problems.

SARDINAS the crypto

Powerfully combined security and usability as one Improved utilization of the blockchain itself by advanced security!

Tomorrow's News for Everyone

Intrinsicly integrate standards compliant ideas with cross-unit models. Dramatically enable alternative users rather than orthogonal content. Proactively integrate front-end sources vis-a-vis client-based e-tailers

“ProBit Exchange Lists Sardinas (SAR) ”

Lee & Block is a company founded by CEO Sungman Lee, who developed the first public certificate, and who was a founding member and CTO of Penta Security, which occupies the most important position among the first-generation security companies in South Korea.

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[Aju Economy Coinus Briefing] Lee&Block hosts Global Cryptocurrency Exchange ‘COINARK Live ICO from Dubai’ in December

Lee & Block hosts ‘COINARK Live ICO from Dubai’, a global cryptocurrency exchange in December LEE & BLOCK (CEO Sungman Lee), a blockchain security solution company, announced that it would hold an online conference in December ‘COINARK Live ICO from Dubai’ to announce new business in Dubai, UAE. Through this online conference, Lee & Block is planning to showcase smartphone security technology with ‘COINARK’, a global cryptocurrency exchange.

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“Lee&Block’s SARDINAS listed on ProBit Exchange on 16th”

On the 16th, LEE & BLOCK (CEO Sungman Lee), a company specializing in security solutions, announced that it will list its blockchain ecosystem ‘SARDINAS (SAR)’ on ‘ProBit’, a cryptocurrency exchange that ranks fourth in the ranking of South Korean visitors.

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